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You. Just Stronger! 

Our business goal is based on our tagline and we plan to achieve this by offering carefully planned training camps and tailored made packages that give both a physical and mental boost. Whether it be swimming, running, yoga, or swimrun (to mention a few), Invictus Travel & Training is confident that we can find the right product and program for our customers. Today we can offer training holidays to Spain, Curacao, the Red Sea and France. 

Although we are a new company, founded in November 2014 , we have a strong base of experience behind us from the travel industry, as well as from an athletic side through coaching and competitions. We have ten years of experience in arranging specialized holidays – so we dare to say that we can help you. Personal service is what we are about, and by booking with us, you will get your entire holiday packaged and ready. Whether you are looking for a specific training area, or if you want to do away with your running club members, we are there to help you.

The owners of the company are all commited to making the business succesful, but are all competitors in various sports as well. Carl Brümmer (Calle) is a well-respected triathlete and swimrun competitor. 


We have three goals: to be very service minded, to arrange high quality training/ fitness camps for our customers, and to share our passion for a healthy mental and physical lifestyle. 

• "Quality product - affordable pricing” – After many years in the travel industry, we have connections around the world. In this way we are able to find the best partners that are going to offer our customers high quality products to affordable prices.

• We practice what we work with – Our staff members all compete in cycling, triathlon and swimrun, one of which competes at the World Championship level, while another is just in it for fun. Together we have visited over 70 countries, making us very knowledgable about the logistics required in traveling. 

• Personal service – As we have several persons on staff, we are able to provide excellent customer support in the English, Swedish and German languages. 

• Broad selection of destinations – Invictus Travel offers holiday packages to suit all tastes and budgets to destinations from Spain and France in Europe, to Curacao and South Africa. 

• Travel guarantee – We have a statutory (demanded by law) travel guarantee placed with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. This protects all customers purchasing package trips with us.



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