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Dive holidays with a difference!

Scuba Travel prides itself as being a dive travel specialist agency. Weekly liveaboards depart from the Egyptian Red Sea and the beautiful Maldives, as well as exotic destinations in Micronesia, Indonesia and Sudan. For divers looking for even more adventure on their holiday the Galapagos, Guadalupe and the Cocos Islands are ideal.

For shorebased divers, Scuba Travel offers an unbelievably wide plethera of hotels and dive resorts from countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia in the east, to Croatia, Portugal and Malta in Europe, to Curacao, Mexico, Canada or Tobago in the west. Novice or experienced diver, Scuba Travel is the agent that will find the ideal option to suit your budget, diving wishes and time frame. 

Don't just dream it...
Scuba Travel Scandinavia AB, founded in November of 2004,  grew out of a love for the sea, travel and adventure. The owners of the company, Heather and Henrik Almers have been heavily involved with diving and travel for over 20 years, having worked as a travel guide and dive instructor, respectively, in both Sweden and abroad. In fact, diving is what brought them together, as Heather learned to dive in Henrik's dive shop in 1999. Both owners work with the company and are very committed to making the business sucessful. Scuba Travel became a member of The Association of Swedish Travel Agents and Tour operators in 2013.

We have three goals: to be very service minded, to offer a high quality dive product and to be mindful of nature.

• "Quality product - affordable pricing” – After many years in the dive industry, we have connections around the world. In this way we are able to find the best partners that are going to offer our customers high quality products to affordable prices.

• We know diving – Our staff are all experienced divers and have dived in several destinations around the world. Together we have visited over 70 countries, and four of us are dive instructors. Besides our sales and office staff, we have a large network of Scuba Travel Ambassadors that are specialists within several different areas, such as photography and technical diving. Some of our Ambassadors include Anders Salesjö, Ingvar Eliasson, Jonna Bergström, Tomas Jansson, Hans Örnhagen and Micke Bergström.

• Personal service – As we have several persons on staff, we are able to provide excellent customer support. As Egypt is a busy destination for Scuba Travel, we have an Egyptian staff member based in Hurghada that offers a meet and assist service, transfer service and customer support, among other things.

• Broad selection of destinations – Scuba Travel offers holiday packages to suit all tastes and budgets to destinations from Galapagos and Socorro in the Pacific, to Micronesia and Fiji in the Far East.

• Sponsor projects – Through the years we have supported organizations that take care of wildlife and the local people.

• Excellent solidity – We have a AAA rating, which signifies high creditworthiness.

• Travel guarantee – We have a statutory (demanded by law) travel guarantee placed with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. This protects all customers purchasing package trips with us.


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