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Heather Almers

Being born in the year of the Tiger, according to the Chinese zodiac, suits Heather perfectly. She was born and brought up in a rural area south of Ottawa, Canada. The youngest of three, she grew up in a large, close-knit, family, and only took her first leap into the world by moving to the city to go to university. It was here that her passion for healthy eating and living began to take flight, with vegetarian and whole food cooking classes, meditation courses and yoga lessons. A backpacking trip was in order after university, and first up was a six-month stop in Sweden as an au pair. Deciding to learn to scuba dive in Sweden prior to going to Asia, she wound up marriyng the dive shop owner two years later.

A PADI instructor, she has travelled and dived a large part of the world since learning to dive in 1999. She has also worked as a travel leader for the dive shop, guiding customers on dive trips to destinations such as Curacao, Bonaire, Malta, Egypt and the Philippines. In 2002, Heather started working for a Norwegian travel company with bookings, as well as guiding groups to various destinations around the world. It was in 2004 that she, together with her husband, started Scuba Travel, a dive travel niche company.

Together with her husband and two children, she has been traveling extensively for many years, having now been in over 30 countries around the world. Traveling around the world with children has given her new experiences in terms of active holidays. Bali, North Sulawesi, Tobago, Sardinia, Malta, Newfoundland, the Maldives, Egypt, the USA, South Africa, Spain and Croatia are just a few of the places she's been with her family and has a lot of suggestions for parents looking for holidays that go beyond sitting on the beach for a week.

With years of experience in the travel and service industry, Heather will be actively involved with Invictus Travel.

Henrik Almers

An entrepreneur by birth and family upbringing, and due to his roots in Småland Sweden, Henrik has been leading the largest dive training schools and travel company in the Nordic region for many years. Growing up in the middle of Sweden, Henrik always longed for the sea. He went on to study marine biology and learned to scuba dive in 1986. After becoming an instructor and going up the ranks to a course director, Henrik worked in the dive industry owning and operating his own dive shops, and also worked with distribution of dive equipment.

His many adventures with diving has taken him around the world more then once, visiting 70+ countries. He has both worked and dived in locations such as Sudan, Zanzibar, Pemba, South Africa, Australia, Thailand, Malta, Tobago, Egypt, the Maldives, Bali, North Sulawesi, Bonaire, Croatia, Mozambique and Curacao.

He has always loved to run and lift weights, and has also found joy in swimming and cycling. He describes that the combination of the triathlon disciplines or a run through a beautiful forest area spurs him on. They make him happy, make life exciting and fun to live. 

His drive and promise is to always deliver a trip with the highest quality and with excellent personal service. Customers should always feel that our staff would go that extra step for them so that they will have a rewarding experience. Henrik is the managing director of Scuba Travel and Exposure Expeditions. 

Calle Brümmer - partner in Invictus Travel & Training AB

“Through Invictus I hope to start a movement where more and more people start to develop both physically and mentally, and that they experience the joy in achieving their goals – no matter what the goals are.”

Calle was active in triathlon from a young age, only slowing down when his children were born. At the age of 40 he received a start spot in Kalmar’s Ironman competition from his wife, this time with alot of coaching and leadership training on his side. Combining leadership and coaching with his training not only saw him succeed in his first Ironman, but also contributed to his Swedish championship gold medal in duathlon (2012), to his win in his age group in Ironman in the European championships, and to the fact that he is the second fastest Swedish man that has finished Ironman Hawaii World Championships (2013). Simply put, he lives “achievement development through personal development.” Calle hopes that more people shall experience this through Invictus.

Magnus Lundgren- partner in Exposure Expeditions 360 AB

Magnus Lundgren is an international photojournalist specialized in aquatic natural history and science-related topics that has been widely published in leading publications. Magnus’ trademark is his passionate and informed way of story telling aiming to highlight beauty and benefits of species and ecosystems to a broad audience as well as describing real threats. 

Magnus has received more than 20 prestigious international photography awards including Wildlife Photographer of the Year, European Wildlife Photographer of the year and other awards from the largest underwater competitions. He also got numerous other recognitions for his work as a photojournalist and a conservationist. 2011 Magnus was awarded European Wildlife Photographer of the Year (EWPY) in the underwater category with a shot of an Atlantic Sailfish striking a school of sardines in the Gulf of Mexico.

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